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Verida is building this future state by

Unlocking Data
An accessible technology solution that can increase access to user data for application developers, government and industry.
User Owned Data
Actively experimenting with new, more agile, ways of generating standards to push forward technology consensus around data ownership and identity.
Utilizing existing global standards, while providing a framework for data schemas to maximize interoperability across applications and industries.
Privacy First Business Models
Enable new, privacy preserving, business models for innovative companies to challenge the current “centralised” incumbents.

Use Cases

Build powerful multi-chain web3 applications with private data storage and identity.

Manage credentials

Take control of your digital identity. Receive and securely share your personal credentials with verified third parties.

DAO Governance Voting and Alerts

Receive notification of important governance events for tokens and easily record your vote.

Single Sign On

A superior sign-in experience for decentralized applications built on the Verida network with built in anti-phishing protections.

Sync your Data

Secure, consensual sharing and synchronization of your personal duty with verified third parties. Receive and share your health data with health professionals.

Pay via QR code

Easily pay trusted businesses and friends using stable coins by scanning a QR code.

COVID checkin

Secure, anonymous data storage and messaging enable large scale solutions that protect citizen's privacy. Perfect for COVID checking and contact tracing use cases.

Personalized Experiences

Selectively share anonymous, private personal profiles with verified businesses to receive a hyper-personalized experience tailored to you.

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