Discover the power of the Verida network for building amazing decentralized applications with user data


A decentralized network of storage nodes for Web3 apps, the Verida network enables users to own their data via encrypted document databases
Fast commits
Performance is guaranteed to match traditional databases, with peer-to-peer socket connections and real-time data synchronization.
Advanced Security and Trust
Unlike most other networks, data on the Verida network is protected via a layer of authorization to access encrypted user data that is signed.
Unlimited scaling
With sharding built-in and built on HTTP at its core, the Verida network will scale in the same way as the existing web.
Queries and Indexes
Databases support structured data via schemas, queries and indexes along with advanced data synchronization and replication.
Users can store their data on public nodes or run their own for enhanced security.
Regulatory compliance
Supporting region aware storage and protocol enforced deletion ensures compliance with increased global regulations to manage personally identifiable data.

Markdown Editor

The Verida Markdown Notes Demo is a Decentralized Note App which integrates with the Verida Datastore library and Verida Wallet allowing users to save encrypted notes to their database.

Explore the Markdown Editor


A fast, low cost web3 identity solution that maximizes self-sovereignty, decentralization
Leveraging Polygon, identities take < 10 seconds to create, while reads and writes take < 1 second via the Verida storage network.
Low cost
A small once off transaction on Polygon to create an identity with unlimited free reads and writes.
Standards compliant
Supporting the full W3C DID-Core specification and future-proof to support future changes.
Unlike almost every other DID method, Verida identities support enforced deletion of identities.
Key revocation
Full DID key revocation to maximize security and privacy. Full key history ensures revocation doesn’t break signature verification.
Deployed on Polygon
Identities are deployed on the highly scalable, low cost and trusted Polygon PoS network.

Verida Network Account Explorer

This is a new application designed to show the public profile of any user on the Verida Network.

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Quickly send private, encrypted, decentralized messages or notifications to individual users of your application
Near instant message transmission with support for web sockets, mobile push notifications and persisted on the Verida data network.
Personalized Messaging
Each message has a single recipient enabling private messaging for any use case, similar to an email.
Secure and Trusted
Messages are encrypted using the recipient’s public key and the sender’s private key. This guarantees only the recipient can read the message and it’s guaranteed to have been sent by the recipient.
Low cost
There is no separate cost associated with sending messages as they exist on-top of the Verida data storage network.
Composable Messages
Leverage our built-in message types for sending notifications, requesting data, sharing data or redirecting to an app… or build your own
Notifications and Alerts
Suitable for application notifications and alerts. Integration with the Verida Wallet provides near instant push notifications to your anonymous Web3 users.

Credential Issuer

A demonstration app showing how credentials are issued and sent to a person across the Verida Network. Issue a credential on the Verida network.

Issue a Credential


Unlock amazing user experiences with our suite of developer tools enabling you to build powerful decentralized applications
Single Sign On
A QR code based single sign-on for your application
Data Connect
Establish a connection to third party services and data
Verifiable Credentials
Issue, verify and store verifiable credentials
Human-readable names for your DID
Data Bridge
Securely use private off-chain data within smart contracts
Data Sharing
Secure data sharing between applications
Soulbound Tokens
Use on-chain Soulbound Tokens to prove attestations of claims
Zero Knowledge Credentials
ZK credentials stored on the Verida Network, accessible via the Verida Wallet and powered by Polygon ID that can be used both on and off chain.