Illustration of four storage nodes and Verida logoIllustration of four storage nodes and Verida logo

Become a Foundational Storage Node Operator

Applications are now open to become a foundational storage node operator on the Verida Network
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Why run a Verida Storage Node?

Earn VDA Tokens

Gain access to early VDA rewards by providing storage capacity


Gain exposure to the emerging high growth area of private decentralized infrastructure

High growth

Private storage will become a high growth area as it unlocks many real world use cases across the globe

Participate in a globally distributed private storage node network for web3

storage node network storage node network

Disrupting Centralized User Data Storage

Verida Network is decentralized public infrastructure (DePIN) that creates a hyper-efficient Tokenized Data Economy for personal data
Centralized Storage
  • Honeypot for hackers
  • Maximize profit
  • Huge regulatory risks emerging
  • Hacks create reputation damage
  • User data is siloed in applications
Verida Decentralized Storage
  • Hacking is not economically viable
  • Maximize efficiency for all stakeholders
  • Regulation will drive demand
  • Give users their data creates brand trust
  • User data is unlocked for new use cases

Storage Node Economic model

Nodes stake VDA tokens to connect to the network

End users pay VDA tokens to store data on nodes

Nodes earn VDA tokens for  data stored on their node by end users

Storage Node Economic model diagram

Economic Stakeholders on the Verida Network

End Users

Use applications and pay for storage and application subscription fees on the network


Earn revenue from user subscriptions and by generating valuable data and may pay storage fees on behalf of users

Storage Node Operators

Stake tokens to earn an income from providing storage capacity to the network

Verida Community

Stake tokens to earn a return from protocol fees

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